What is Compound?

What Is Compound
Mixing different materials together under pressure by melting at high temperature is used as a Compound in the plastic industry.

Currently, the constant increase in oil prices triggers the increase in the price of raw materials in the Plastics sector in the same way. Hundreds or even thousands of different properties are required from the main plastic materials, which have certain properties and do not exceed 20 in total. The only method that will ensure this diversification is with Compound. For example, the burning plastic is fireproof, its price is cheapened, it is more resistant to sunlight, the desired impact, tensile, elongation, such as various strength values are improved with Compound.

Compound develops new materials, especially thermoplastic materials, which are heat treated and pressure mixed to form bonds. The machine needed to be able to Compound is a twin-screw extruder that rotates in the same direction. With this machine, it is possible to produce materials with new features and cheaper. For example, it is possible to produce fire-resistant composite sheets in aluminium exterior cladding. It is possible to produce sheets directly with the non-flammability contribution entering the carrier. In the same way, in film extrusion used in bag production, it is possible to make both Compound and film with twin screw extruder. Moreover, it is possible to produce more profitable products by correctly formulated the contents of the products.


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