Hot Melt Extrusion

In Hot Melt Extrusion system, ensure the same quality in every batch with continuous production using MEX T twin screw Hot Melt Extruder.

The most common thermoplastics used in bonding today are:

  • Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers,
  • Styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) copolymers;
  • Styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) copolymers;
  • Ethylene ethyl acrylate co-polymers (EEA);
  • Polyurethane reactive (PUR)

In general, these polymers alone do not exhibit all the performance characteristics required for an end product. Thus, various additives such as resins, waxes, antioxidants, plasticizers and other materials are added to the adhesive formulation to enhance the polymer performance.

Work without restriction in the formulations you find. You can precisely dispense and dose a wide range of unique ingredients. With the MEX T twin screw extruder, you can obtain a perfectly dispersed and homogeneous Hot Melt with its superior mixing ability.

Ensure the same quality of each batch with continuous production using the MEX T twin-screw Hot Glue Extruder.

MEX T twin-screw extruder screws are designed as a modular system and are individually configured to meet the requirements of each product line. Plasticization/chewing, melting, mixing, homogenization, aeration and evaporation of the material occur throughout the screw process section.

Monomex gravimetric dosing devices flow liquid resins and/or softeners in the desired amounts in a controlled manner. In this way, the proportions in the formulation do not change and an irregular structure does not occur. By applying vacuum in the process section of the extruder, dirty gases, moisture and volatile organic elements are removed from the product flow.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives can be delivered directly to application systems, processed in-line, granulated and powdered, and even filled into containers. Hot melt adhesives are usually granulated by cutting under water.


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