Mex T 65 Eco 3
MEX T Eco is ideal for users who want to make small and medium production at a maximum speed of 600 rpm. The compact machine has a user-friendly and easy-to-maintain control concept.

The MEX T Eco, highlighted for its high performance relative to low investment cost and rapid return on investment, is a quality product from Monomex. MEX T Eco is ideal for users wanting to produce small to medium-sized outputs at speeds of up to 600 rpm. The compact machine features a user-friendly and easy-to-maintain control concept. Some core components, such as the gearbox or safety coupling, are manufactured in Europe. With its high-technology components and custom manufacturing combination, the MEX T Eco offers an unparalleled price/performance ratio, making it an ideal machine for entry-level companies. The MEX T Eco series twin-screw extruders are designed for a wide variety of uses in the plastics industry, particularly ideal for processing products with high MFI values.

The torque density obtained from the reducer can go up to 13Nm/cm3. For example, in an extruder with a 70mm screw diameter running at 600 rpm using a 330 KW motor, a torque density of 13Nm/cm3 per shaft can be achieved.

Primary application areas:

  • Production and processing of engineering plastics
  • Masterbatch production
  • Processing of PVC products in the Eco Standard Two-Stage version.

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