Loss in Weight Gravimetric Feeder

Dozajlama V24.2
Use gravimetric dosing to get the perfect product.
Doza J5

Monomex loss in weight with continuous flow gravimetric dosing, extruders do not have to pre-mix to feed the material at any rate. Materials from extruders fed at more accurate rates and more precise flow rates are of superior quality. Especially twin screw extruders by increasing the capacity to work more efficiently.

Our reliable and accurate gravimetric feeders are ideal for dosing a wide range of bulk materials. All our gravimetric feeders are supplied with state-of-the-art microprocessor-based controls with easy-to-use operator interfaces.

Monomex Gravimetric dosing systems are today an indispensable part of production facilities managed for quality production.

Our intelligent systems allow a production line with single or multiple feeders to be controlled and communicate directly with most host/PLC systems.

Gravimetric Feeder
  • Monomex's unique design system has a significant advantage over conventional dosing devices.
  • The formula of the material processed in the machines is hidden. Only the personnel who know the password of the formula page can see and refresh the formulas.
  • The amount of material entering machines is always the same as automatic weighing.
  • The formula can be changed during production.
  • Total working capacity can be seen instantly. In addition, how many hours the extruder worked in the material is evident in kg.
  • Production accelerates and loyalty to man is eliminated.
  • The user has the opportunity to clean and change the material within one minute with quick reservoir change.
  • The dosing screw can be changed with a single hand and thus the process is continued immediately for every material that is required to dosing.

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