Mex T 65 Pro HD 3
The component of the PRO HD twin-screw extruder is an example of first-class high technology. The high performance twin screw extruder is a superior product.

The PRO HD twin screw extruder component is an example of first-class high technology. The high-performance twin screw extruder is a superior product. With our extensive knowledge and experience in developing the co-rotating twin screw extruder, we design each step of the extrusion process to meet your individual product requirements. PRO HD ensures you achieve maximum production rates and the most advanced quality product. The highest power Kw value motor combined with the highest torque-resistant reducer achieves the highest rotation speed. This allows you to achieve high capacity in the machine.

Especially, the use of HIP or powder metal steel in screws prolongs the service life.

The torque density obtained from the European reducer is 18Nm/cm3. For example, in an extruder with a 70mm screw diameter running at 1200 rpm using an 890 KW motor, a torque density of 18Nm/cm3 per shaft can be achieved. For instance, in a PP+glass fiber application, a capacity of 2,700 kg/h can be achieved.

PRO HD Twin screw extruder applications:

  • Products requiring high torque such as engineering plastics
  • Processes requiring high volume such as products from the chemical and food industries
  • Homogenization and pelletizing of polyolefins downstream of the polymerization reactor
  • Temperature and shear-sensitive products like PVC
  • Prescription development and basic scientific research
  • Turnkey integration systems including all components from raw material feeding to the environment after

PRO HD represents the combination of numerous innovative developments, all serving a common requirement: achieving the highest production rates with optimum product quality and maximum economic efficiency, with every detail of the machine from the gearbox and process section to discharge tailored to this demand.

Pro HD allows you to benefit from guiding Technological principles. Pro HD ensures high efficiency, maximum product quality, convenience, high operational safety, and minimum time during screw changes.


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