Water Ring Pelletizers

Wr 1600x900
Users' choice; Functional reliability, straightforward operation and versatility. Pelletising made easy. Discover the secrets of perfect extruder granulate cutting...

Direct Drive technology for better quality products.

  • Maintenance-free and smooth mechanical action of knife head pressure
  • Knife head drive shaft with direct drive
  • Outstanding cutting precision in combination cutting pressure setting
  • Pelletiser knives and die face have a long service life

Advantages :

  • It is the only cutting method in irregular flow. It is the only cutting method that can be used if the pressure and flow rate changes of the material processed in your extruder are too high. If the material processed from the extruder exits at an irregular flow rate, the best solution method is to use a water ring cutting system.
  • Investment and operating costs are very low.
  • Since it takes up little space, it saves space in the factory.
  • Energy consumption is very low since the heat transfer to the cooling water is very low. Thus, you can obtain products with more competitive prices.
  • Ergonomic.  Personnel gets less tired with less effort.
  • Work safety has been increased.

Design Differences :

  • A more homogenous product can be obtained.
  • Process water consumption is reduced.
  • The processed material changes are such that minimum waste is given.
  • New type blades with increased durability are used.
  • It is easier to use.

Water Ring Granule Cutting is used to bring the material coming out of the extruder in molten form in sphere form. The molten material coming out of the holes in the extruder exit mold is cut and dispersed by the rapidly rotating blade. It falls into the water flowing in a ring around the blade, cools and takes the shape of a sphere. Since in this cutting system, water flows in a ring around the blade, this cutting system is called Water Ring Granule Cutting.


Machine Type Min Throughput kg/h Max Throughput kg/h
MWR 100 50 300
MWR 150 150 650
MWR 250 400 1500
MWR 350 1000 3000


The hot die face pelletizer systems can be used for almost all conventional thermoplastic melts with the exception of PA 6.6, PET and PP melts with an MFI (Melt Flow Index) of over 250g/10 min.


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