Masterbatch Production Technology
The power behind masterbatch manufacturers.
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Compounding Extrusion Systems

Twin Screw Extruder
If we make the description of the double-screw extruder machine rotating in the same direction, formulated materials melt at high temperatures and pressures , distribute , mixing machine can produce new molecular bonds are capable of forming materials.
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Loss in weight Gravimetric Feeder
Monomex loss in weight with continuous flow gravimetric dosing, extruders do not have to pre-mix to feed the material at any rate. Materials from extruders fed at more accurate rates
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Monomex has extensive know-how in the production of pelletizers. The pelletizer systems have been proven successfully in operation for many years. They are adapted exactly to our extrusion and compounding systems and ensure first-class product quality
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Twin Screw Extruder Applications

Polymer granulates with a high percentage of additives, higher than in the end use, are called masterbatch. In later production steps, such as injection moulding, film or fibre production, those granulates are mixed with the raw polymer for colouring o
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The compounding of thermoplastics is one of the main application areas of Monomex twin screw extruders. Like listed above, the excellent incorporation characteristics of additives, fillers and reinforcing materials into the polymer matrix create produ
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Filled (CaCO3 Calcite) Compounds
Özellikle PP ve PE taşıyıcılı olarak yapılan kompaund da dolgu CaCO3 (Kalsit: mermer tozu, kireç taşı) kullanılmaktadır. Kalsit hemen hemen her sektörde kullanım alanı bulmaktadır. Özellikle poşet üreticileri film çekerken...
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What is Compound?
Kompaund ile özellikle Termoplastik malzemeler, ısıl işlemli ve basınçlı olarak karıştırılarak bağ oluşturması sağlanan yeni malzemeler geliştirilir.
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