We are the production power of good competitive industrialists. Because MONOMEX manufactures its own designs.

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We have taken all precautions to ensure that your machine operates continuously and produces flawless production. It notifies you when it is time for maintenance before your machine malfunctions or makes an unplanned stop.

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In order to design a machine, first of all, what is expected from the machine, that is, the need, must be defined. Then, by creating a physical and mathematical model, the first foundations of the machine are laid on paper.

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Spare Parts

Use quality extruder screws, barrels and shafts, add value to your business. Quality extruder screw, barrel, shaft; win when buying spare parts....

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Education & Maintenance & Service

No emergencies; Move from unplanned downtime to planned downtime. Benefit from our Training - Maintenance and Service services for the continuity of your production. Be the owner of smart solutions for Production Efficiency.

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