Strand Pelletizers

Granulator 1600 X900
Cutting edge technology for the perfect cut. Do you want to produce perfect granules? Innovative, durable, reliable. Find out what the perfect cutting system is...

In Dry Granule Cutting; the melted material coming out of the extruder forms thin rods in the cooling pool. It is then cut into cylindrical grains in the Dry Granule Cutting (Granulator) machine.


Machine Type Cutting Width (mm) Power (Kw) Drive Line Speeed (m/min)
MEG 20 20 1 - 2.2 Transmission 20 - 120
MEG 60 60 2.2 - 4 Transmission 20 - 120
MEG 100 100 3 - 7.5 Direct 20 - 120
MEG 200 200 5 - 11 Direct 20 - 120
MEG 300 300 7.5 - 22 Direct 20 - 120
MEG 400 400 11 - 30 Direct 20 - 120
MEG 600 600 15 - 37 Direct 20 - 120


In dry granule cutting systems, the traction roller inside the machine applies a pulling force to the thin bars. These thin rods in cylindrical geometry must be mechanically capable of withstanding the pulling force. If the material to be cut is too hard, brittle and too soft, chewing will occur instead of cutting. You can consult with our expert engineers and determine the most suitable pulling cylinder feature and blade geometry for your process.

Rotary Knife 2

Designs powerful machines for difficult cuts.

You can increase the cutting life of cutting blades by sharpening them in their original profile.  The result of original profile sharpening really impresses users. Pay due attention to blade sharpening to achieve the profitability of uninterrupted production.

Choose PM (powdered metal) or carbide blades for demanding applications. Increase blade sharpness life to achieve greater efficiency, especially in high-capacity and long-term operations.
Blade geometries differ according to the hardness of the product to be cut. Blade profiles should be sharpened at the right angle according to the product you produce. 


  • It is the easiest and fastest cutting system to clean during product changes.
  • The quality of the product drawn in the extruder shows itself in the cutting. Thus, the amount of faulty production is minimized as the product quality control can be done as soon as it comes out of the extruder.
  • It is the only solution for hard and difficult to cut materials such as glass fiber reinforced.
  • The investment cost is lower.
  • It is easier to dry the drawn product. The desired moisture content is easily achieved.

Design Differences:

  • Increased compliance with occupational safety.
  • It is easier to use and intervene.
  • The service life of the blades has been increased.
  • Knife change is ergonomic.
  • The amount of moisture of the cut product can be reduced extra.
  • Options have been added according to customer requirements.

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