Compound Sheet Extrusion

Hl Sheet V3
With the Monomex Laminating compound Extrusion sheet line and Gravimetric dosing machines, many materials are precisely fed and transformed into sound insulating sheets.

Extrusion lines for premium sheets

Meet the superior performance Monomex Extrusion lines for unrivaled production in compound sheet lamination production.

Our company, which designs and manufactures according to the material to be produced, ensures that you obtain the highest quality product.

Benefit from the advantages of twin screw extruder and gravimetric dosing in unrivaled sheet production.

With Monomex Sheet Lamination Extruder and Gravimetic dosing machines, many materials are precisely fed and turned into compound sheets.

Heavy Layer plate is used in the automotive industry by laminating the compound layer produced with new technology into a separate layer. Additionally, extruded sheets made of PET, PP and PVC in the Monomex Sheet extruder line are widely used in food packaging and pharmaceutical blister packs worldwide. However, PVC, ABS and PP extrusion sheets have been widely adopted in furniture industries. The healthcare sector also demands extrusion sheets in the production of PP and PVC medical bags. Additionally, some specific applications of extruded sheets that are expected to boost target industry growth in the near future include special applications such as flexible sheet for gaskets. In the Aluminum composite panel production process, which is especially used in Aluminum facade cladding systems, it is possible to produce on a single line with A2, B1 and B2 class fireproof compound. Our company shares its academic and practical experience in formulation with our customers to ensure that the most suitable machine park is selected.

To gain the advantage of using recycled materials in the Sheet Lamination Extruder, you can use a melt filter that provides continuous uninterrupted flow to our systems.


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