Recycling with Compounds

Recycling With Compounds
In the recycling sector, exceptional investors need to make the right investment that will differentiate them from their competitors by recycling with the Monomex twin screw extruder.

Recycling plastic-based materials means improving the quality of the final products, enhancing their physical and chemical properties through compounding. In current recycling machines, plastic materials are transformed into a sphere-like form known as granules. That is, materials in various forms like jerry cans, bottles, sheets, or fabrics are processed into granule form for use in the recycling sector. The most significant added value during this process is filtering and cleaning the material. However, what the customers, meaning the granule users, want are plastic materials with the specific properties they desire. That is, they seek robust bond structures in the polymer, such as tensile strength, compressive strength, and fluidity values. In literature, plastic materials are subjected to thermal processing up to five times. That is, processing the same material in an extruder in various ways up to five times begins to deteriorate the bond structure, losing the properties given by the original manufacturer. For example, there are many different types of Polyethylene available on the market. The PE you purchase for sheet extrusion may not work in your machine and fail to produce sheets.

The way to perform recycling that includes the properties desired by the customer is with the Monomex twin screw co-rotating Extruder. In our twin screw extruder, with its patented and unique screw geometry and configuration, the material is crushed to have a homogeneous mixture. With the homogeneous mixture, a smooth and single-colored surface forms on the film.

You can improve the properties of degraded plastic materials by adding various chemical substances, enhancing the plastic materials to the level the customer wants. With the Monomex twin screw extruder, you also reduce your product costs by saving energy.

The most crucial factor in this system is having the right screw configuration. With an automation system under the right conditions, it is possible to produce the highest level of competitive products in the market.


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