Food Extrusion

The food market used to be our home ground. This is where we have our roots. Under the name of Monomex, we continuously set new standards in food extrusion with products to the Continua cooking extruder. We openly confess: We have neglected these roots for some time. However, we have considerably extended our system and process know-how and optimized our extrusion plants in the meantime.

High throughput rates can be operated thanks to the good feeding characteristics. The closely intermeshing screws with an extremely tight self-wiping profile eliminate stagnant zones over the whole length of the process section. The effect: Optimal self-cleaning which enables fast product changes and therefore maximum flexibility in the extrusion of cereals and snacks. The pre-treatment of the raw materials such as pre-boiling, moistening etc. can be omitted and replaced by direct steam injection.

In comparison with the aquatic feed production with single shaft extruders, the twin screw extruder from Monomex is suitable for the production of a much wider range of formulations, for example, for the extrusion of fish food with an elevated fat content. The floating and sinking behavior of the fish food can be influenced by flexible settings of different parameters of the extrusion lines.