Melt Pump Extrusion

Gear pumps optimise the extrusion process of thermoplastics since they ensure a constant flow of material, generate the required operating pressure and therefore relieve the extruder of pressure build-up. This increases the production plant s performance, improves the quality of the end product, thanks to lower melting temperatures and extends the extruder s lifetime. Extruder pulsations and pressure peaks are also smoothed out or eliminated thanks to the gear pump s attenuating effect.

Other advantages of gear pumps include the facts that waste products that occur internally can be reprocessed without problems and that the pump transports the melt through the moulding tool extremely evenly, ensuring a consistently high-quality end product.

The modular construction of monomex gear pumps means that various needs and requirements can be addressed with ease. The advanced range features the characteristic quality features, superlative reliability and long service life of a gear pump from development Pump Systems.

All monomex gear pumps feature fully-optimised flow channel geometry, specially heat-treated shafts that can double the standing time as well as an innovative bearing design that allows higher speeds and therefore higher throughput rates. Wide ranges of viscosities and pressures are handled thanks to different clearances.