Container Mixer

The MONOMEX container mixer is suitable for use in all areas in which high-quality materials are used. It is extremely flexible and offers a usable volume of 4 to 1600 liters, depending upon model. With its numerous individual tool possibilities, any desired mixing result can be dependably obtained.


With its high level of flexibility, it offers numerous application possibilities in the manufacture of:

· Powder coating

· Master batch (PE, PP, PA, PVC, PS, ABS, TPE, EPS...)

· Dye concentrates

· Additives (e.g. TiO2, CaCo3, Zn, MgO...)

· Toner (premixtures and finished mixtures)

· PVC (hard/soft) preparation (without cooling)

· Metal compounds (MIM)


· Silicic acid with liquids

· Brake linings

· Leather fibers

· Construction materials

· Food

· Cosmetics

· Pencil and colored pencil leads

The container mixing system consists of a mobile container and the actual mixer. Here, the container performs several functions from charging to emptying, because it serves as a transport container before and after mixing, as a mixing container during mixing, and as a storage container for subsequent further processing.


Monomex container mixers can be used flexibly for all common mixing procedures:

· Homogenizing

· Dying

· Coating

· Wetting

· Dispersing

· Preparation

· Agglomerating

· Grinding

· Drying

· Breaking up and dying fibers


The Monomex container mixer can optionally perform additional functions with the appropriate equipment:

· Dust removal

· Temperature measuring point

· Injection

· Mixing head cooling

· ATEX design

· Aeration and charging during mixing

· Nitrogen inertization

· Oxygen concentration measurement

· Remote maintenance