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Twin Screw Extruder Machine

If we make the description of the double-screw extruder machine rotating in the same direction ; In the literature , the pumping machine extruders developed , formulated materials melt at high temperatures and pressures , distribute , mixing machine can produce new molecular bonds are capable of forming materials.

In general, almost all find a place for itself in the production of plastic -based products mainly composite materials processed under high temperature and pressure as a result of the special formulation of raw material is produced. Monomex Twin Screw Extruder machines is open to improve the properties of all plastics .

Machine design is made according to the type of plastic material to be processed . Screw geometry, feeding type is determined by various parameters such as the type of plastics material. Our company that closely plastic materials to be processed , we advise you to take the necessary screw design configurations for the process by contacting Polymer Engineer .

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You can choose the twin-screw extruder that we manufactured according to the feature you want to model. We offer the best efficient machines of the highest caliber to our customers high-torque machine.

Highest level of twin-screw extruders MONOMEX which we produce a quality product with continuous research and development . With a comprehensive range of customer-focused employees , our company ensures quality products at maximum efficiency.

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