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The compounding of thermoplastics is one of the main application areas of Monomextwin screw extruders. Like listedabove, the excellent incorporation characteristics of additives, fillers and reinforcing materials into the polymer matrix create products that are used in numerous fields of application.

Especially in applications where parameters such as tensile strength or impact resistance are relevant, the polymer(e.g. PP or PE) is reinforced with materials like glass fibres, carbon fibres or even natural fibres. The filling degree of e.g. PP with glass fibres can amount to 60%, if necessary. When the polymer chains agglomerate and link to the fibre structure, an unbreakable and impact resistant connection develops – a connection that matches the mechanical properties of metallic materials. Because of the low weight of reinforced thermoplastic polymers, they are in great demand, especially in the automotive industry.

Processing in a Twin Screw Extruder
When incorporating glass fibres into the polymer matrix, it is important not to damage or even to evaporate the fibre´s sizing (serves to compensate the surface tension) by turning the temperature too high. The sizing has to be compatible to the polymer matrix. Therefore, the fibre is normally fed into the melt after the plasticizing step. If it was added via the main port, the fibres would be chopped too much in the plasticizing unit and it would result in too much abrasion in the melting zone.


*MONOMEX extruder is the ultimate choice for running shear-sensitive applications.

*An increase of throughput of up to 55% can be realized here.

*Due to the high free volume (OD/ID = 1.66) and the high torque (up to 15 Nm/cm³) energy savings of up to 18% can be achieved.

Special compounds use polymers that are developed for extraordinary demands. Those polymers are technicalthermoplastic polymers like for example PA 6, PA66, PA 12 (Polyamides), PPA (Polyphtalamides), PSU (Polysulfones), PEEK (Polyetheretherketones), PBT (Polybutylene terephthalates), POM (Polyoxymethylen) or PPS (Polyphenol sulfides).

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