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Why Monomex?

With Monomex you have the partner at your side who can offer you the best solution for all your compounding tasks. This begins with special applications on a laboratory scale and extends right through to industrial production plants. As a pioneer in the development of the closely intermeshing, co-ro...
Monomex Philosophy be the first

Twin Screw Extruder Machine



       Polymer granulates with a high percentage of additives, higher than in the end use, are called masterbatch.         In later production steps, such as injection moulding, film or fibre production, those granulates are mixed with the raw polym... Details


        The compounding of thermoplastics is one of the main application areas of Monomex twin screw extruders. Like listed above, the excellent incorporation characteristics of additives, fillers and reinforcing materials into the polymer matrix create products t... Details

Powder Coating

Processing of powder coating        It is the only way to give you exactly what you expect for processing powder coating: a prime quality product which is characterized by absolutely homogeneous distribution of the paint components in the powder. We have established this dem... Details

Thermoplastic Elastomers

        Thermoplastic elastomers TPE are distinguished both by their elastic properties and their thermoplastic processing properties. They are divided into TPE-S, TPE-O, TPE-U, TPE-E, TPE-A and TPE-V based on their chemical-morphological structure. Numerous twin screw extru... Details

Food extrusion

                The food market used to be our home ground. This is where we have our roots. Under the name of Monomex, we continuously set new standards in food extrusion with products to the Continua cooking extruder. We openly confess: We hav... Details

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